Dad the Thinker

Friday Harbor summer 2003

Well your guess is as good as mine on this one. Ithink maybe Jon was posing for a new Passport photo ?

A shot from Kauai sometime around Sept 11th 2001

Jon & Hiroko just off Port Allen on a Beautiful January morning. Unfortunately this was the last time we saw Hiroko smile that day. :o)

Just a little Wall Art

The Great Slippery Fish Race Team at the KMTT Cardboard Derby


Nephew Noah Belkin tries riding the Lumpy Dog

The Last supper at the Plantation resort just hours before catching the red eye home.




         Sneaking up on Jon

           Christmas 2007




       August 2008 Snoq. Pass





Nick, Kailash and Mark at Alpental

April 2008


             4th of July 2004



                        Crystal Mt. 2008

                    Aunt Bonnie Jean takes flight


A nice Hike down in Bend, Oregon last May, 2004



                          Memorial Day Weekend in Bend



                          Snowshoeing below Crystal Mt.





Kailash and a really

big Snowcone