Merendas Red Cross Auction Dinner


John's Birthday Menu

John & Jodi clean the juicer

The Pasta Maker

Hey do I need one of these for Christmas (he didn't get one)

How thin is this stuff supposed to be ?

Okay John I think it is thin enough already

Cutting squares in the pasta

rolling the squares into tubes

See all I made :o)

Okay , so bring on the food

Margaret & Pam

John learns to boil water....& pasta

The Model

Pam takes a picture of John getting ready to cook our pasta course

So John your friends really like to take pictures I see.

Margaret & Doug

John's pasta dish, Garganelli Pasta w/ Guanciale

Parmesan, corn juice and sage

Olive Poached Tuna Nicoise

/ eggs,fava beans , peppers, onions and potato

Jumbo Ribeye Steak

with loaded baby baked potatoes, porcini butter and grilled onions and a bone for Prince

The Platter of Guilt

Warm chocolate cake, Sorbets, huckleberries, cookies, strawberries and all sorts of goodies. Sorry Margaret we tried to save you some.

John & Sheryl w/ a slice of Doug